Conferences programme

15 conferences led by institutional actors CAP'TRONIC, GIP-CNFM, L'EMBARQUE, LCIE BUREAU VERITAS... conferences, round tables and testimonies will follow one another for two days.

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9.30am / 1.00pm Embedded morning

9.30am Cybersecurity challenges for Industry 4.0 (Animated by CAP'TRONIC with AVNET / CEA-Leti GRENOBLE / SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC)

10.15am 5G Network: new technology for new business models (Animated by CAP'TRONIC with CEA LETI GRENOBLE)

11.00am IoT: what secure software solutions (Animated by CAP'TRONIC with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC / PROVE & RUN / KRONO-SAFE)

11.45am How to accelerate IoT developments with optimized hardware and software solutions (Animated by CAP'TRONIC with MicroEJ / Witekio)

12.15am Evolution of microelectronic technologies towards connected objects: transformation of national training towards multidisciplinarity (Animated by CAP’TRONIC with GIP-CNFM)

2.00pm / 5.00pm Update on Compliance Assessment of Connected Medical Devices (DMs)

The Internet of Medical Objects (IoM) as well as all connected health care applications open huge industrial challenges. This year ENOVA Lyon 2018 highlights this theme through a series of conferences that will help you better understand the challenges of the new regulation and the risks associated with the integration of these connected technologies, particularly with regard to cybersecurity issues.

2.00pm Medical Devices - Current issues and future regulatory changes: How to anticipate new requirements? (Animated by LCIE BUREAU VERITAS)
> Stéphanie REAU | Expert | LCIE BUREAU VERITAS

2.45pm Cybersecurity of medical devices (Animated by LCIE BUREAU VERITAS)
> Alain MERLE | Strategic Marketing Manager – Security | LETI CEA TECH

3.30pm New electromagnetic field measurement acceleration techniques: applications for near-body medical devices for SAR measurement (Animated by LCIE BUREAU VERITAS)
> Stéphane PANNETRAT | CEO | ART-Fi

4.15pm Connected Medical devices: Reminders on standardization and the UF62 commission, overview of work in progress - Radio coexistence (Animated by LCIE BUREAU VERITAS)
> Lionel DORIS | Expert Normes| FRESENIUS VIAL


9.30am / 12.15am Embedded morning

9.30am Your RF product subject to the new RED radio directive (Animated by CAP’TRONIC with AVNET / LCIE / ALWAYS-WIRELESS)

10.15am The precise indoor geolocalisation: a reality? (Animated by CAP’TRONIC with CEA / WYRES)

11.00am IA for the Embedded (Animated by CAP’TRONIC / L’EMBARQUE)

The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in factories is in its infancy. But new technologies, installed closer to the machines, bring an innovative approach to data exploitation and analysis. Inspection of inspection machines, robot management ... as much domain or machine learning and AI open the way to a generalization of predictive maintenance.
> Philippe LAMBINET | Founder | Cogito Instrument
> Swan GEROME | Business Developer | CEA-Leti

11.45am Energy recovery and consumption optimization (Animated by CAP’TRONIC with CEA / SAVE-INNOVATION)

2.00pm Metrology of the Future: How to dematerialize the management of your calibrations? (Exhibitor workshop EUROTHERM AUTOMATION)
> Carlos MARTINS

3.00pm Autonomous vehicle (Animated by LCIE BUREAU VERITAS)